The digital world shares some eerie traits with the physical world, one of which is the abundance of people with bad dispositions. Evildoers in both these worlds are always on the hunt for targets to exploit.

There are countless examples of hackers targeting not only household internet users, but businesses…

The EU’s GDPR law affects mobile apps too. Here’s how to make sure you’re compliant.

It is imperative for online entities to mould their services and policies and make them GDPR friendly. The new data transparency laws are not only strict but harsh when it comes to penalizing those companies that ignore the laws.

Moreover, compliance laws are not limited to web services but also…

Team, we did it!”, he exclaimed. He hurried out of the board room slamming the door behind him. With caffeine brimming in his temple and a fresh rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins, we could all sense that he had nailed his presentation with the client over the con-call…

Mustaali M.

A digital marketer by profession: a writer by choice.

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